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    Powder Filling Production Line

    Product Description

    This filling production line is mainly used for filling powder materials, suitable for good or low fluidity granular such as milk powder, protein powder, flour, solid drinks, cocoa powder, chicken powder, white sugar, food additives, feed, pharmaceutical raw materials, pesticides, dyes, flavors and fragrances, etc.


    external paper bag removingsterilizing tunnelOuter woven bag & inner PE bag removing, dosing pneumatic conveyingmaterial blendingtemporary storagepneumatic conveyingmetal detecting

    unloadingconveyingunscramblingblowingsterilizingconveyingspoon feeding

    Weighing &fillingvacuum sealing with nitrogen dosingcleaninglaser markingautomatic tiltingcap pressingfinished products collection


    MACXG-60 Automatic Unloading Machine

    Technical Parameters

    1.Capacity:≥60cans/minin the case of empty cans supplied timely

    2. Maximum cans stack Dimensions: 1400*1300*1800mm

    3. Power supply: 3P AC208-415V 50/60Hz 1.6KW 4. External Dimension4766*1954*2413mm

    5. Function: used in unloading and piles up empty tin, cans or aluminum cans onto unscramble machine.

    Working Principle

    Forklift takes whole tray of empty cans to designated place (palletizing direction: can opening facing up).After pressing start button, photoelectronic devices will automatically detect the height of the whole tray cans and empty cans continuously be sent to panel by scraper; panel adjusts relevant height with conveyor automatically and sends empty cans to conveyor belt ; conveyor belt delivers empty cans to unscrambling machine according to demands. After finishing one layer, system will alert workers take away the cardboard between two layers. System enters into next circle when whole tray of cans empty.

    Automatic Unscrambling Machine

    Technical Parameters

    1.Turntable diameter:1000mm 2.Thickness of Stainless Steel Plate3mm 3.Capacity:80 Cans/min

    4. Power Supply: 3P AC380V 50Hz 5.Power:100W 6.External Dimension: 1400*1200*1200mm

    Working Principle:

    Used for arranging cans in rows. Adopts stainless steel structure, carbon steel supporting frames with coating , and stainless steel plate with adjustable guardrails for different diameters requirements.

    Can Titling & Blowing and Degaussing Machine

    Technical Parameters

    1. Capacity: 60 Cans/min 2.Maximum can specification: 502#

    3. Power Supply: 3P AC208-415V 50/60Hz 4. Power: 1.65kw

    5. External Dimension: 1800*540*1173mm

    Working Principle

    Adopts advanced turning, blowing, controlling and degaussing functions. Opening upside-down blowing to ensure iron and other impurities is blown away. Air resource supplied by air blower.

    Empty Cans sterilize Machine:

    1. Chain Plate Width: 152mm 2.Capacity:10m/min 3. Power Supply: 3P AC208-415V 50/60Hz

    4. Power: motor 0.55KW, light0.96KW 5.Weight:200kg

    6. External Dimension: 5000*400*1150mm

    Working principle

    This equipment is the first sterilization option for empty can feeding into aseptic workshop, transmission shaft is made of carbon steel electroplated, main machine has two sections, and each section equipped two UV lamps on top, the stainless steel cover on  top is easily to dismantle and maintain.

    Automatic Spoon Feeding Machine

    Technical Parameters

    1. Operation mode: Spoons unscrambling, Pneumatic spoon feeding.

    2. Capacity: 40-60cans/min

    3. Power Supply: 3P AC208-415V 50/60Hz 4.Power:0.37KW 5. External Dimension: 1500×700×1500mm

    Working PrincipleThis is auxiliary equipment for powder filling production line. This machine adopts vibrating plate with automatic sorting and sensor detection and will automatically stop when there is no can or spoon. This machine adopts SUS304 stainless steel. It has simple structure, fast speed, less energy consumption and comply with GMP standards.

    Automatic Capping Machine

    Technical Parameters

    1.Capacity60-70 cans/min 2.Capping Diameterφ60-160mm H50-260mm

    3. Power Supply: 3P AC208-415V 50/60Hz 4. Power: 120W

    5.Air Consumption6kg/m2 0.3m3/min 6. External Dimension1540*470*1800mm


    Technical Features

    This machine adopts stainless steel structure, PLC controller, touch screen. It integrates the functions of sorting, feeding and capping , and suitable for various kinds of caps.