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    MACSTCZ Dual Head Weighing and Filling Machine

    MACSTCZ Dual Head Weighing and Filling Machine

    Technical Features

    On the basis of long-term practices, we abandoned the traditional rotary-feeding system and adopt this dual head filling design. It adopts one line with main and auxiliary filling system to ensure high accuracy and an easy way of cleanness. It’s suitable for high accuracy metering requirement and widely used in filling of milk powder, protein powder, glucose, cocoa powder, solid beverage, rice flour, flavor, additives, etc.

    It adopts servo and pneumatic system, stainless steel structure, PLC control system and high response weighing feedback system to ensure stable performance, fast filling capacity and high accuracy. Equipped with adjustable hand wheel, dust removal device, negative pressure pipeline and fixed anger installation structures ,make it possible to create a non-pollution environment.

    Working Process

    Can feedingtransportingvibrationmetering fillingvibrationvibrationweighing feedbackrefillingweight checking, substandard rejectionfinished products

    Technical Parameters66666

    1.Metering methodDual Augers filling 2.Filling Range100 - 2000g 3.Container Size:Φ60-135mm; H 60-260mm

    4.Accuracy of Filling100-500g, ≤±1g; 500g,≤±2g

    5.Filling Capacity>50cans/min(#502can) ,>60cans/min (#300#401)

    6. Power supply3P AC208-415V 50/60Hz 7.power3.3 kw 8.Weight of the machine450kg 9.Compressed Air Requirements6kg/cm 0.3cbm/min

    10.External Dimensions650×1000×2300mm 11.Hopper Volume50L(Main) 35L(Assist)