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    Automatic Powder Filling Machine

    Technical Features

    This series can integrate the functions of can feeding, can holding, metering, filling, weight checking and other jobs. It can be considered as auxiliary filling equipment in production line suitable for eye shadow powder, flash powder, pepper powder, chili powder, milk powder, rice powder. Protein powder, soy milk powder, chicken powder, coffee powder, medicine powder, additives, flavors, etc.

    1. Stainless steel structures, horizontal opening container, cleaning are very convenient.

    2. Servo motor, servo drive control auger and servo controls working turn-table ensure stable performance.

    3. Equipped with PLC, touch screen and weight modular controller

    4. with a suitable hand wheel for the adjustment of height.

    5. Pneumatic can supporting device ensures that material won’t be spilt out.

    6. Weight checking device ensures that each product in assembly line are quantified

    7. Up to 10 recipes can be stored and parameters are adjustable.

    8. Replacing auger accessories to meet different size powdery products.


    Metering Range



    Container Size

    Power Supply





    Φ20-85mm, H15-150mm

    3P AC380V 50/60Hz 1.8KW

    2050 times/min




    Φ30-130mm, H50-260mm

    3P AC380V 50/60Hz 2.3KW

    2050 times/min




    Φ30-155mm, H50-320mm

    3P AC380V 50/60Hz 2.8KW

    2050 times/min